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How to make homemade bean flour

May 5, 2019 | Tutorials | 0 comments

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You often ask where to buy the flours used in our recipes. In many pages of our blog, we indicate the possibility of self producing bean flour with food processor or coffee grinder. Here’s how to make homemade bean flour with all the benefits of a fresh product. Obviously, finding the product already packaged in a store certainly helps. This should not discourage those who live where it is difficult to find all these special flours. They will certainly find packets of dried beans at a regular supermarket. In fact, bean or legume flour in general is the derivative of a healthy and common food in our diet. The use of flour is not a modern invention; has always been used in many recipes even in kitchens different from ours. Following a few tips you will easily see how to grind bean flour.

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How to Grind Bean Flour

To grind bean flour, we recommend using common white beans or black beans, which are easy to find in all supermarkets. Quickly wash the beans, dry them and if necessary, after a few hours, pass them in the oven, about ten minutes, at a low temperature to remove excess humidity (this procedure is not practiced by large industrial production). To grind bean flour, proceed in small doses introducing them into the grinder or into the blender. Be careful not to overheat the blades too much. In the first pass will do two minutes, then stop. Let’s talk about 80-100 gr at a time in the blender. Sift and hold the largest part that you will pass over later. More steps and a lot of patience will be needed.

How to make homemade bean flour
How to grind bean flour

The flour obtained can be stored in a tightly closed glass jar. Same procedure for other types of beans, from white to black. The different types of beans also provide different results for the use we will make of them, for example:

  • Use white bean flour in leavening bread and pizza. This will make the finished product more buttery. Experience the use starting from low percentages 20-25%. The peculiarity of bean flour is that it is neutral. Excessive use could compromise the dough structure and leavening with wholemeal flour.
  • Use bean flour in sauces and soups. It will give thickness and creaminess as well as enhance and enhance the taste of what you are cooking. Furthermore the use of this flour will allow the reduction of fat content in soups. Consider at least a 10-15 minute cooking time.
  • Vegetable milk and bean flour can replace cooking cream.
  • 50% mixed in frying batter
  • Dust the meat in bean flour before browning.
  • Experience use to make pasta with eggs (gluten free), noodles, maltagliati
  • Make the béchamel very thick to be used for the preparation of baked pasta or other timbales.
  • Use the bean flour as a thickener of stewed meat, pan-fried chicken, etc.

Experiment and share your solutions. 😉