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Battered Sweet Potato Fries

Apr 29, 2019 | Dessert | 0 comments

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Whether your family, your friends, whether they are adults or children, it will still be a success. We see in this recipe how to make  Battered sweet potato fries with wholemeal flour and corn flour to make everyone happy.

Battered Sweet Potato Fries

29 Apr 2019 | Dessert | 0 comments


150 gr whole wheat flour
50 gr corn flour
50 gr sugar
200 ml water
½ lemon
a hint of baking soda

500 gr sweet potatoes

Recipe preparation

The sweet potato is very nutritious, has a high fiber content, a delicious filling and a sweet taste. Today we want to make this tuber even tastier with a batter of whole wheat flour and corn flour.

You can find sweet potatoes in different colors, commonly they are orange or white, but also red, pink, purple, yellow.

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There are many ways to enjoy this particular tuber. In this recipe we try to make a simple potato in a complete dessert.

Let’s start with the flours, put wholemeal flour and corn flour in a very large bowl. Add a pinch of baking soda and sugar. We mix the dry mixture. Slowly add 200 ml of water, being careful not to form lumps. Let the batter rest.

Patate dolci in pastella

The consumption of sweet potatoes could help improve brain function and improve memory due to their abundance of antioxidants. For now let us be content to remember the three simple steps of our recipe.

We choose a compact and regular potato for this recipe. Wash it and then peel it with a potato peeler or small knife. Carefully examine the potato from any hard or non-intact parts.

Carefully examine the potato from any hard or non-intact parts.

Patate dolci in pastella

How to make battered sweet potato fries

Slice the potatoes into round slices about a centimeter high, on which you will pour the juice of half a squeezed lemon. This will keep the color without oxidizing the inner pulp, but more importantly it will create a chemical reaction in the batter that contains bicarbonate. Finally we put the sweet potatoes into slices in the batter.

sweet potato fries
Battered Sweet Potato Fries

sweet potato fries

We fry battered sweet potato fries in plenty of frying oil for a few minutes. Dry the fry on cooking paper. Arrange on a plate and sprinkle with icing or granulated sugar.

Tip: to be enjoyed after 30 minutes, war

Battered Sweet Potato Fries