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Almond and date balls: without cooking

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Dessert | 0 comments

Sweet without cooking, without eggs and butter. Almond and date balls are nutritious and easy to prepare, suitable for sportsmen and vegans.

Almond and date balls: without cooking

25 Jun 2020 | Dessert | 0 comments

Recipe preparation

The diet drama is the renunciation of sweets. A deprivation that many people experience as a divine punishment. Yet, paying attention and skipping a few lines of the diet, you could try making these small truffles with almonds and dates without cooking and without eggs. Simple vegan desserts that are prepared quickly using natural ingredients.

Almonds, useful for the brain, contain magnesium, calcium, vitamins and fibers that help intestinal transit. They are also ideal for satisfying, helping quickly to reach a sense of satiety.

The dates, however, help to reduce the cholesterol present in the blood, to relax the nerves and fight free radicals.

Almond and date balls are the right choice of a snack for sportsmen and people who follow food diets. Obviously they will love them all, so avoid offering particularly greedy friends.

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Remove the dates from the twigs to which they are attached and pitted.

Take the almonds, you can use the shelled ones with or without the outer skin, or the ready-made flour.

Put everything in the mixer and chop together with two tablespoons of bitter cocoa and sugar.

Sarebbe utile avere qualche mandorla in più da utilizzare per l’esterno. Andranno leggermente tostate in forno o in padella e poi tritate grossolanamente, questo però lo vedremo dopo.

However, let’s go back to forming almond and date truffles. Take a knob of dough and make small balls.

Pass the almond balls and dates in the almond grains for that pleasant crunchy sensation.

Raw vegan sweet almond date

Almond and date balls


100 gr almond flour
100 gr dates
2 spoons of sugar
2 spoons of cocoa
chopped almonds


Almond and date balls
Almond and date balls